Founded by Eric Nelson in 1991, The Coffee Grounds began as the first cafe in the Chippewa Valley and has grown to where we are now. We focus on bringing great food and beverage to the Chippewa Valley.

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Eric Nelson

Eric is the owner and founder of The Coffee Grounds.  He started it as an 800sq ft cafe in the London Square Mall.  Through four locations and growing pains we are who we are now - and Eric has been the one to get us here.  When you come to the store, if you need help with wine or cigars, he is the person to talk to.

Julie Nelson

Julie has as much blood, sweat and tears into The Coffee Grounds as Eric and has been an integral part of its growth.  From managing staff to building the kitchen department and making the space welcoming and warm, Julie has been essential to its success and growth.  If you are looking for help with cooking ingredients or equipment, she is a great resource.

Megan Kremer

Megan and Will were invited to come help run The Coffee Grounds in 2014.  They had frequently dreamed of how great it would be to come and be a part of The Coffee Grounds - when they were invited it was a nervous thrill.  Now Megan is Eric's wine apprentice, is a fantastic leader for the staff and is the head coffee roaster.

Will Martin

Will expected to come to The Coffee Grounds to be the beer guy.  Turns out he was needed in the kitchen and took to it. He also manages our spirits department and fumbled through the building of this website.  If you are looking for help with spirits or are looking for catering information talk to Will and he'll get you squared away.

Candice White

Candice is our Assistant Store Manager.  Candice has been a huge asset to The Coffee Grounds and has steadily become an essential part of the team.  She manages the beer department and keeps communication flowing at the store.  When a problem needs an answer, she is someone who finds it.