New Website!

Look at that old logo! A remnant of our old website.  Sheesh!

Welcome to our new website! It's been a long time coming and work has been in fits and starts: "Hey Squarespace, can I have another 2 week trial period so I can continue work on the website after 6 months of not doing a thing on it?" Believe me, the team at TCG and the brewer at K Point have been pretty anxious for this thing to get done - and thus so has The Brass.

Anyway, here you are. So what now? Well, you'll be able to purchase coffee and event tickets just like on the old website, hopefully. . . Send an email to if you are having any trouble purchasing something and Will will get it figured out. 

A note about things to come: for now, K Point has a page within this website.  Keep an eye out for K Point's own website rolling out in the near future (he says as it took him a year to build this website).  What will come with that is Tom Breneman, brewmaster, having his own email.  

Will and Candice, currently don't have emails.  That will be changing soon.

Thank you for your patience while we get this thing rolling.  It's gonna be an adventure for all of us - imagine trying to teach this to the nearly retiring bosses!