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wine - a perfect gift for friends and family

Whether you are looking for a bottle of wine for tonight's dinner or for a gift, peruse our wide selection of domestic and imported wines, and you'll find a bottle of wine for any occasion. We have wine that can be enjoyed now or put down for years.

Experimentation is the best way to discover which types of wine you enjoy. Don't limit yourself to wines you are familiar with. Remember that wine, like cheese, cannot be generalized into one category. If you tried a particular cheese and decided you didn't like it, it isn't fair to say you don't like cheese. Like cheese, there so many different wines that there are many others you will like instead.

coffee Wine is always in style and always a perfect gift for friends, family
    or colleagues.

coffee People love vintage – vintage clothes, vintage cars, and vintage furniture.
    Vintage wine is no different. These wines are ideal for anyone who
    appreciates quality, patience, and age in their wine.

coffee Bubbles in a glass represent celebration, fun, and holiday cheer, and
    there's nothing quite like the sound of a Champagne pop. Whether
    you're going to a party, saying thank you or congratulations, you
    cannot go wrong with bottles that sparkle.

coffee Enjoying one of the world's great sweet wines is a decadent pleasure.
    Great dessert wine and sherries are truly remarkable!

Visit The Coffee Grounds for wine accessories, glassware, and a collection of fine spirits such as Single Malt Scotch, Irish Whiskey, Liqueurs, Bourbon, and Cognac. We also have an exceptional selection of Tawny and Vintage Ports.

Don't wait for a special occasion; open up a bottle of wine and make the occasion special — Cheers!


Eau Claire Wisconsin Wines
vintage wines vintage wines

We have collectible bottles of wine, older vintages, and rare wines in our temperature controlled wine room. Ask for Eric to see what vintage wines are available.

brands of wine

Wines vary depending on the season and the store location. Shop our Southtowne Drive location for the largest wine selection. Get Directions.

We carry hundreds of wines so stop in to find your favorites.